Whats up everyone?!?

We're introducing this nifty blog section to keep our users updated on things that are going on in our world. For example, we officially passed our one year anniversary back in June/July. It has been an absolutely amazing year, with many more good times to come. We've relocated our office in Toronto to a more secure and cleaner location. We want to store our product to ensure maximum quality of our rolling papers upon arrival. We want to thank all our loyal customers who have stuck with us through and through. We have many more exciting things to come including new pretty amazing members joining DPC.

If you haven't followed us on social medias, search @DollarPapeClub everywhere and you'll 100% find us. Join other members on social media & connect with other smoking buddies :) We're currently working on getting our members more connected to each other. We're hoping to have an event here in Toronto. If any of you are available to come out definitely stay tuned to the social media to join the party.

Keep the Good Times Rollin'

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