Top 10 Places for weed lovers

Do you love pot so much that you would move just so that you could be around it? If so, you’re not alone. While some decide to pack up and move for medical purposes, others do it just so that they can enjoy getting high in peace. And often times, to make their lifelong dream of working with weed a reality. Whatever the reason may be, there’s a place out there ready to welcome and accommodate potheads. From California to Uruguay, here are ten places you should live if you love weed.

1. Oregon

If you want a little taste of recreational pot, then Oregon is one of the best places to go. At the present time, Oregon’s Measure 91 allows adults 21 and older to carry an ounce of weed in public. Not to mention, a half-pound at home, up to a pound of edibles, and 4.5 pints of infused liquids and an ounce of extracts.

2. California

Everywhere you look in The Golden State; you’ll find a dispensary or some sort of cannabis club. Of course, recreational weed isn’t legal until next year, so you’ll need a medical card.

3. Colorado

From pot tours to weed yoga, Colorado has it all. Notably, Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational weed. It also happens to have the third most affordable ganja in the United States.

4. Washington state Want to know where you can find the second cheapest pot in the US? If so, then look no further than Washington. Seattle, in particular, is always spitting out new strains.You’ll never get bored of the same old weed, that’s for sure. And with the ocean coasts and rainforests surrounding you, finding a smoke spot with a beautiful view won’t be an issue, either.

5. Alaska You won’t find a ton of dispensaries in Alaska. However, it is one of the few states to legalize pot for recreational use. Also, coming up in May, the state’s Marijuana Control Board is expected to make a decision on whether or not residents can consume their purchases on the site.If approved, that means Alaska will become the first state to allow customers to smoke weed at businesses.

6. Uruguay In 2013, Uruguay became the first nation to legalize the herb altogether. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you are free to plant your behind in the sand and light up some dank bud on the beach without any worries.

7. Spain You won’t be able to toke in Spain publically. But you are welcome to grow and smoke weed in the privacy of your own home. It’s not hard to find, either, and is openly sold on the streets of Barcelona and Granada.

8. Canada Come 2018, recreational pot will be legal all across Canada. In the meantime, you can enjoy the country’s cannabis cafes and private vapor lounges.

9. The Netherlands Whether it be some excellent hash or a space cake, you can have it all in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, where you’ll find dozens of coffee shops that are licensed and ready to sell you some bud.

10. Portugal Lighting up in Portugal is simple, considering this country decriminalized all drugs during 2001.

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